Go2silence (Pre-order)
Go2silence (Pre-order)
Go2silence (Pre-order)
Go2silence (Pre-order)
Go2silence (Pre-order)
Go2silence (Pre-order)
Go2silence (Pre-order)
Go2silence (Pre-order)
Go2silence (Pre-order)
Go2silence (Pre-order)

Go2silence (Pre-order)

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One uses Go2silence, the couple have a restful night.

The world’s first Smart Positional Therapy Device with both elastic and vibrotactile feedback. It can effectively reduce positional snoring and sleep apnea. Also allows you to watch 3D animation replay of sleep positions from your phone.

Theory Remains,Tech Evolves.

From 1908 to 2020, positional therapy in its various forms is proven to be an effective therapy for the management of positional snoring and sleep apnea.

Go2silence, marks a new age of Positional Therapy.

Snore Less, Breathe More

With the elastic and vibrotactile feedback, Go2silence moves you off your back without disturbing your sleep. At lateral positions, your upper airway’s cross-sectional area is closer to the shape of a circle, which allows easier breath and reduces sleep apnea.

Real-time Position Monitoring

Go2silence incorporates both digitalization and Positional Therapy. Besides helping you to adjust sleep positions, it is also equipped with a high-tech sensor to provide you detailed sleep position data.

2 Product Types

Electronic component + PU sphere
For MODERATE - SEVERE snoring and apnea symptoms

Electronic component + Silicon magnetic strip
For MIDE - MODERATE snoring and apnea symptoms

Move you off your back without waking you up

Adjusted softness, elasticity & weight in 50+ materials

Adjustable Vibration Mode

You can turn on the vibration alert that will notify you to change sleep positions. You can also set the sensitivity of the device. Higher sensitivity will make the device notify you at positions closer to supine position.

Magnetic auto switch

The device will automatically turn on or off when you attach or remove it from the clothes. Go2silence uses the strongest magnet grade of N48 so it won’t easily detach during usage.

Unprecedented Design

Animation playback of your sleep position last night



56 × 60 × 60 mm




PU foam


80mAh, last 7 days


IOS 10.0 and above
Android 4.2 and above


Magnetic silicon sheet
User manual
USB Type-C Cable
Mini travel bag


Bluetooth 4.2


Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese