Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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SLEEPON Blue Light Blocking Glasses blocks 99.79% blue light with a deep sunset color to increase melatonin secretion and improve your sleep quality.


What is blue light?

Blue light has very short, high-energy waves. Your eyes can be more stressed when you blink less often.

Also, it directly affects sleep quality by disrupting hormonal balance. You feel alert and awake when exposed to blue light in the evening, disrupting circadian rhythms and tricking our brain into thinking that it's still daytime.


Why You Should Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The purpose of blue light blocking glasses is to block a wavelength of light called blue light or what we call cyan light. 

It is important to block blue light waves because they deactivate the melatonin faucet in your brain when they hit a specialized cell in your eyes called a melanopsin cell.

Your brain might think it's daytime when the light hits your brain at night. The brain isn't preparing for sleep when it thinks it's daytime. Sleeping with too much light can make you feel tired in the morning. Upon waking up the next morning, they felt sleepy and lethargic.


Research & Study

"Compared with clear lenses, BB significantly attenuated LED-induced melatonin suppression in the evening and decreased vigilant attention and subjective alertness before bedtime."

Van der Lely, S., Frey, S., Garbazza, C., Wirz-Justice, A., Jenni, O. G., Steiner, R., ... & Schmidt, C. (2015). Blue blocker glasses as a countermeasure for alerting effects of evening light-emitting diode screen exposure in male teenagers. Journal of Adolescent Health, 56(1), 113-119.

"We provide further evidence that blocking short-wavelength light in the evening hours may be beneficial for patients suffering from insomnia."

Janků, K., Šmotek, M., Fárková, E., & Kopřivová, J. (2020). Block the light and sleep well: Evening blue light filtration as a part of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. Chronobiology international, 37(2), 248-259.

"blue-light blocking glasses may present a low-cost effective intervention enhancing patients´ quality of sleep."

Janků, K., Šmotek, M., Fárková, E., Miletínová, E., & Kopřivová, J. (2019). Blue light blocking glasses and CBT-I: effect on subjective and objective sleep quality. Sleep Medicine, 64, S174.


Use Guideline

  • Please wear it at least 2 hours before bed.
  • You can still watch TV, still read and be on your phone with it.
  • It can help you sleep better.


What In The Package

  • Glasses x 1
  • Soft Cloth x 1
  • Glasses Box x 1
  • User Guide x 1


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Delivery typically in 5 to 20 business days depending on your country.