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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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✔️ Block blue light

✔️ Lenses without coatings

Blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blocking glasses help you to sleep better and regulate circadian rhythm

What is blue light?

Blue light is abundant in the light source of mobile phone, display screen, LED and other electronic devices.

Dangers of Blue Light

The high energy blue light causes dry eye and directly affects sleep quality.

Block blue light

SLEEPON blue light blocking glasses block 99.79% blue light from 380nm to 500nm.

Lenses without coatings

The sunset color lenses can block blue light without any coatings.

Deep Sunset Color

Deep sunset color helps melatonin secretion and sleep quality improvement.

Use of Product

1.Wear it at night.Second
2.Wear it at least 2 hours continuously before bed.
3.Get natural sun light when you get up in the following morning.

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