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Steam Eye Mask

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Experience soothing relief for tired eyes with our Steam Eye Mask. These self-heating masks gently release tension and relax computer-strained or sleep-deprived eyes with warm and relaxing steam. Simply open the pack, slip over closed eyes, lean back, and indulge in 20 minutes of pure relaxation. Perfect for unwinding after a long day at work, during travel, or as part of your bedtime routine.


📦 Package contains 10 pieces

🌿 Main Ingredients: Iron powder, water, activated carbon, heating matrix, non-woven fabric

📏 Sizes: Small Package: 180mm x 80mm, Paper package: 150mm x 120mm x 70mm

🏥 Standard: Uses medical-grade non-woven fabric, Complies with Standard Q/SSJKCY 1-2018

⏳ Shelf Life: 3 years

Indulge in relaxation anytime, anywhere with our versatile Steam Eye Mask


165 reviews

Make an eye SPA

Steam Eye Masks relieve tired and stressed eyes with the help of warm and relaxing steam.

Safe and convenient, simply open the pack when ready to use and slip over closed eyes. Lean back and keep eyes shut for 20 minutes before removing.

Relax your eyes

The fast-paced life puts our eyes in an ultra-long standby mode, dry, sore, and painful. It’s a small warning from the eyes: we need a 30-minute holiday!

2X warming time

We use 4.2 grams of heat-generating material, nearly twice as much as conventional, this allows our heating temperature to reach 104℉ in just 1 minute and last about 30 minutes at 104℉.

Relax anywhere

we recommend using it before bedtime, rest in office/home or while traveling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
Cant live without these

Warming and soothing for dry eyes. Wear every night for a restful sleep.


I like the warmth of the product it is very relaxing. Easy to use. It smells good. I will buy it again. It is a great deal.

Eye Spa

Very relaxing and comforting. They last for a decently long time. They were the only way I could get warmth to my eye when I was having problems with styes.

Only know what my girlfriend tells me....

My girlfriend likes them so I ordered them again....

Great buy

These are real neat and relaxing. When they are opened they begin to warm. Very convenient and affordable.