What Users Said...

Compared to the other systems I looked at sleepon2 is the best value for my money.

Lots of great features in the app. They also make a fingertip device if you don’t like the silicone ring. For me the ring works just fine. Comes in three sizes.
Don’t think you’ll be dissatisfied. Sleep well.

I have used this for two weeks now. I use it at night to record sleep data. I have also worn it during small plane flights in order to adjust the oxygen flow in a mask. It is simple to use, if you follow directions. It records a fairly large data set that can be stored and forwarded. I did have a question about calculating api values.

Well, to our surprise the use of this device resulted in 3 episodes per night which is normal. In home determination of sleep apnea would be huge for millions of people who snore.

It's reasonably good, it'd better have one more smaller size ring for asian users.

Comfortable to wear while sleeping. Lots of good info in the report.

SLEEPON - Your Home Sleep Test Tracker Ring- Better sleep, Better life