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Experience unmatched sleep monitoring with GO2SLEEP. Designed for ultimate convenience and precision, it's your essential tool for tracking and improving sleep quality.

🌙 Compact & Sleek Design: You won't even notice it on your finger.
📊 Unparalleled Precision: Utilizes abundant capillaries on your fingers for accurate detection data.
📈 Comprehensive Sleep Report: Tracks essential sleep and health data including Sleep Stages, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation, and more.
⚠️ Risk Alert: Detects apnea during sleep and prompts position changes to reduce sleep apnea risk.
🔄 Fully Automatic: Wear it on any finger for hassle-free monitoring.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Monitoring: Sync with the app to track key data for yourself and loved ones.
☁️ SLEEPON Cloud Health Service: Analyzes data and provides detailed sleep reports with tips for improvement.

Monitor your sleep effortlessly with GO2SLEEP. Available on Smartphone, Windows, and Mac.



    Go2sleep VS. Competitors

    Dive into your sleep, grasp each second

    Next-gen sleep management

    A combination of objective and subjective assessmentObjective(Contact home sleep test device) and subjective(i.e., electronic sleep diary, PSQI questionnaires) measurements are combined in SLEEPON to build a comprehensive sleep assessment method with automatic data processing.

    Care About Your Breathing Problem ?We test it for you

    Worrying about insomnia?We manage it for you.

    It replaces paper sleep diary, revises memory bias, and automatically processes and analyzes data.

    Stress at Work? Anxiety?You can check out the HRV on it.

    Whole Night, Every sampling

    It can monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen in real time at 50Hz/s and records your complete sleep cycle.

    Minute-by-minute sleep reports

    Minute-by-minute data gives you more meticulous and detailed sleep conditions.And the reports can be exported in CSV format and have formed reports in A4 layout.

    Daily, weekly and monthly sleep reports

    Observe the changes in your sleep quality directly from the calendar to get a complete assessment of your sleep.

    Data Calendar

    A more visual view of the changes in your sleep quality from the calendar

    Monitor your family’s sleep conditions

    Add the function of contacting friends and family, you can view the sleep analysis of your family at any time.
    Multi-dimensional health information
    Clearly presents each dimension with overview and detailed charts. You can read the charts separately or in one screen.
    Other useful functions


    660nm and 940nm dual-wavelength reflective PPG sensors. 50 Hz frequency. Calibration ranges from SPO2 70-100%.
    22 X 30 x 18 mm
    6g (0.21oz)
    The Device:
    Acrylic /PC+ABS plastics
    Silicon ring:
    Food-grade silicon
    iOS 10.0 and above
    Android 4.2 and above
    GO2SLEEP × 1
    Wireless Charger × 1
    USB cable × 1
    Silicon holders × 3 (L M S)
    User Manual × 1
    IPX67 waterproof rating
    Data strage
    7 Days in Device
    Life-long in Cloud
    Use time:
    2 hours to get fully charged
    good for 2 nights
    Delivery typically in
    10 to 20 business days
    depending on your country

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 762 reviews

    I tried a few different smart sleep tracker before settling on this one. This is the most comfortable one for me ,for now ,I really recommend it / Will come back after long time using.

    Harold Echevarria
    Easy set up, easy to use, lot’s of data accessible.

    The out-of-the-box experience was not antwhere near complicated at all. Installed the app on both an Ipad and an iphone, and can retrive data from either one the following morning (Only on has to be near the ring device overnight). Nice, informative and easy to use device. I like this and recommend it!

    Hi Harlow, thanks for your feedback . Your feedback means a lot . please do feel free to contact if there is any question .Have a nice day~

    Works better than I thought

    I thought this looked cheesy at first. But after reading reviews, I decided to try it. I have an Apple Watch but was getting tired of juggling charging for sleep use. This works great and has a lot more info than the watch. Have not tried the fingertip holder because they all seemed too big for my small fingers. The ring works great. If you dont want the fingertip holder, get this on their website because its $89 with just the rings. Recommended.

    A Smart Ring Does it All!

    As soon as I received this smart ring, I followed the included instructions for set up, and I was completely done in less than five minutes. The ring is light weight and very comfortable to wear. I could hardly tell I was wearing it. What's so cool about this smart ring is that it tracks heartrate, blood oxygen level, and sleeping patterns . The readings are close enough as far as accuracy is concerned to use for personal benefit and not necessarily for medical purposes. The ring is so light and comfortable that I can wear it to bed and not even realize it's on. What is truly remarkable about this ring is the price. For what you might spend on a meal out at a restaurant, you can have a tiny, classy computer tracking your vitals. This is definitely worth having.

    Travel-Friendly Design

    The Go2Sleep's compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for travel. Whether I'm on a business trip or vacation, I can easily bring it along to ensure I maintain healthy sleep habits no matter where I go.