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Experience unmatched sleep monitoring with GO2SLEEP. Designed for ultimate convenience and precision, it's your essential tool for tracking and improving sleep quality.

🌙 Compact & Sleek Design: You won't even notice it on your finger.
📊 Unparalleled Precision: Utilizes abundant capillaries on your fingers for accurate detection data.
📈 Comprehensive Sleep Report: Tracks essential sleep and health data including Sleep Stages, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation, and more.
⚠️ Risk Alert: Detects apnea during sleep and prompts position changes to reduce sleep apnea risk.
🔄 Fully Automatic: Wear it on any finger for hassle-free monitoring.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Monitoring: Sync with the app to track key data for yourself and loved ones.
☁️ SLEEPON Cloud Health Service: Analyzes data and provides detailed sleep reports with tips for improvement.

Monitor your sleep effortlessly with GO2SLEEP. Available on Smartphone, Windows, and Mac.

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Your Sleep, Our Care.

SLEEPON | Go2sleep, an advanced sleep tracker with Heart Rate, HRV & Blood Oxygen (SpO2).

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The smaller HOME Sleep Testing Device

Heart Rate | Heartbeat Rate Variability | Blood Oxygen | AHI | Sleep Stage | Movement During Sleep | Sleep Score | Sleep Time | Sleep Deficit

Report in Day | Week | Month

View the Minute Report | Share Sleep Report

Deep Sleep Analysis, Understand Your Sleep Quality

Go2sleep: Your New Companion for Sleep.

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M2 | Anti Snoring mouthpiece

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Seize the opportunity to improve your sleep quality and enhance your quality of life!

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