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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Understanding Blue Light

🔵 Blue light consists of very short, high-energy waves. When you blink less frequently, your eyes may experience increased stress from exposure to blue light. Moreover, blue light can directly impact sleep quality by disrupting hormonal balance. Exposure to blue light in the evening can trick the brain into thinking it's daytime, thereby disrupting circadian rhythms and hindering the body's ability to prepare for sleep.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses

👓 Blue light blocking glasses are designed to filter out a specific wavelength of light known as blue or cyan light. Blocking blue light is essential because it deactivates the melatonin faucet in the brain upon hitting specialized cells in the eyes called melanopsin cells. Consequently, the brain may interpret the presence of light at night as daytime, hindering the sleep preparation process and potentially leading to fatigue upon waking up.

Research & Study Insights

📚 Several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of blue light blocking glasses in mitigating the adverse effects of evening light exposure on sleep. Research has shown that wearing blue light blocking glasses can significantly reduce the suppression of melatonin in the evening, decrease vigilant attention, and improve subjective alertness before bedtime. Additionally, these glasses have been identified as a potentially low-cost and effective intervention for enhancing sleep quality, particularly for individuals suffering from insomnia.

Guidelines for Use

⏰ To maximize the benefits of blue light blocking glasses, it is recommended to wear them at least two hours before bedtime. They can be worn while engaging in activities such as watching TV, reading, or using electronic devices like phones. By incorporating blue light blocking glasses into your routine, you can improve sleep quality and overall well-being.

Package Contents

📦 - Glasses x 1

🧽 - Soft Cloth x 1

📦 - Glasses Box x 1

📖 - User Guide x 1

What is blue light?

Blue light is abundant in the light source of mobile phone, display screen, LED and other electronic devices.

Dangers of Blue Light

The high energy blue light causes dry eye and directly affects sleep quality.

Block blue light

SLEEPON blue light blocking glasses block 99.79% blue light from 380nm to 500nm.

Blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blocking glasses help you to sleep better and regulate circadian rhythm

Lenses without coatings

The sunset color lenses can block blue light without any coatings.

Deep Sunset Color

Deep sunset color helps melatonin secretion and sleep quality improvement.

Use of Product

1.Wear it at night.Second2.Wear it at least 2 hours continuously before bed.3.Get natural sun light when you get up in the following morning.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
Great Evening Glasses

I am often up late at night watching tv, scrolling my phone, or playing video games on my computer. I had a different pair of blue light blocking glasses and I didn't notice much of a difference when I wore them. These, however, have made a noticeable difference in how I feel when getting into bed after wearing them. I don't know how to explain it, but I feel calmer, and my eyes don't feel as strained. In terms of the quality of the glasses, these are much nicer than the other glasses I had

For sensitive eyes

These glasses are great. They help my eyes relax so they don't feel so
tired. I would recommend them to help protect your eyes.

Immensely impressed..

I am genuinely completely impressed by these glasses.

I was looking for a cheap pair of blue light glasses since my eyes are sensitive, and in my job we use very intense overhead lights all day and it was making my eyes irritated and dry.

These glasses helped me immensely.

Not only did they help me out with indoor, and outdoor blue light blockers, but the amount of compliments about them and how they looked was ridiculous. They look so much more quality than the price they are offered at and are so comfortable on the face at the same time. I have a big ol' head, and it was so well fitting, better than any glasses I've previously worn.

Great fit and great color

These are the second pair of blue light blocking glasses that Ive bought and for being as cost effective as they are, they are great. The other pair that was quite pricey and these are the same quality and lens color. I have a smaller, thin face shape, and often have issues with glasses falling down or off when I look down, but these stay on my face and are comfortable to wear. I wear them from sunset to the time that I go to bed and they are comfortable on the side of my head and my nose. No issues with squishing the nose bridge or above the ears. The glasses are sturdy and the frames feel well made. The lenses are a dark orange, and definitely block out the blue light. I notice that the lights on my oven and in my house at night will completely disappear when I am wearing them. I have noticed a big difference in how quickly I will fall asleep and how well I sleep when I wear them. I definitely get sleepier faster, and can fall asleep instantly, even if I hav been on my computer or phone right before bed. Definitely recommend if you are having trouble sleeping or want to work later into the night!

Very comfy

Good quality for the price