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Collapsible Foot Soak Bucket

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### Portable Foot Relaxation 🌿

👣 **Collapsible Design:** Easily fold and unfold our foot soak bucket, saving space when not in use. Convenient storage in any small space is now hassle-free.

🌊 **Relaxing Foot Soak:** Treat your feet to a soothing soak after a day of activities. The collapsible bucket provides a comfortable and rejuvenating foot care experience.

🌟 **Durable and Easy to Clean:** Crafted from high-quality materials, our bucket ensures long-lasting use for your foot care routine. Easy cleaning adds convenience to your relaxation.

📏 **Adjustable Height:** Customize the water level by adjusting the height of the bucket. Enjoy a personalized and comfortable foot soaking experience tailored to your liking.

🌈 **Multipurpose Use:** Ideal for foot care, pedicures, and relaxation. Elevate your experience by using your favorite salts, oils, or herbs for a spa-like sensation in the comfort of your home.

🤲 **Convenient Handles:** Built-in handles make it easy to carry and move the bucket. Enjoy a foot soak wherever you desire, whether at home or on your travels.

🌿 **Health and Wellness:** Promote foot health and overall wellness with regular foot soaks. Take a step towards relaxation and self-care with our collapsible foot soak bucket.

Enhance your foot care routine with our portable and convenient foot soak bucket. 🌟 Relaxation is just a step away!

Foldable Foot Soaking Bucket

Upgrade for leak prevention,

Heat-resistant, and odor-free.

Five-layer thickened insulation layer.

Upgraded thickness for enhanced insulation.

Integrated design with seamless construction.

Insulation layers tightly connected for easy portability.

Can withstand high-temperature ironing and remains leakproof

Safe and non-toxic with 212°F hot water, sturdy and reliable, making pouring more convenient.

Anti-tilt design

Sturdy anti-tilt design, not easily overturned, providing additional peace of mind.

Height of 37 centimeters, covering the lower legs

Easily soak up to the calves, immerse and massage.

Product Information

Product Name: Foldable Foot Soaking Bucket

Material: Twill Fabric + PVC + Aluminum Foil

Dimensions: 31.5×31.5×36cm

Packaging: OPP Bag

Weight: 265g

Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
Nice for camping or tailgate party

Didn't use for soaking feet, however, I brought it with me for a tailgate since is packable, is pretty great to put the ice in it and keeping the drink cool for a couple hours. No leakage no mess, the handle is sturdy enough to lift everything back and forth.


This little foot soaker is in convenient for a quick epson salt soak. The only thing is its not as sturdy as I would personally prefer. With the weight of the water it tends to buckle on the sides a bit and on one occasion I almost hit the side with my foot resulting in water spilling out. Other than that its portable and nice and roomy for both feet to go in the material is thick and it keeps the water nice and warm for long periods of time. Its worth ordering.

Perfect and doesnt take up space.

Love that I can fold it and put it away

Retains heat much better than Open buckets

I didnt think much about the fabric foot soaking tub because it was really flimsy just came out of the drawstring bag. I normally use half hot tap water and half boiled water to soak my feet and I have to constantly add hot water every few minutes to my wood foot tub to retain the heat . For this fabric tub, I only added hot tap water half way because I wasnt sure if it was sturdy enough. To my surprise, it was actually pretty sturdy. I added some bathing salt, put my feet in and zipped the cover all the way to my legs. There was no leaking at all. I didnt add any extra hot water and the temperature of the water stayed hot for at least 10 minutes, much longer than my open foot soaking bucket. I was literally sweating from it. It was definitely a pleasant surprise. the fabric soaking top is big enough for both my feet and my husbands feet. My feet are size 6 and hes size 10. This is a very lightweight and portable foot tub and good for camping trips and road trips. Recommend.

Perfect Travel Foot Basin, Even for Large Feet

I wear size 13 US shoes, and I find it quite hard to find foot basins that are comfortable to use because of their size. I needed one for travel though, and with skepticism I bough this one. I was pleasantly surprised that both my feet fit well into this. It's nice and deep. The handles make it easy to carry, and it rolls up quite small. I couldn't ask for anything more. I'd highly recommend this for anyone who travels and has a regular need to soak their feet.